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05 Jan

AK-47 - the most famous rifle in the world

The simplicity in its design, which has been proving its reliability throughout the decades. Possibility to operate it in the roughest conditions possible. Easiness in disassembly and technical maintenance. A lot of gunmen even call it the most reliable rifle in the worlds. It goes without saying, today we will be covering an AK-47 rifle.
03 Jan

T-34 tank history

While watching some movies about the Second World War or during studying the history of this military conflict it is impossible to miss this image: a big Soviet tank with the star on its tower. Yes, it is a T-34 and today we will tell you the history of this tank and the story behind our own one.
24 Dec

The M4 carbine

The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines make them easier to handle. They are typically issued to high-mobility troops whose roles do not require full-sized rifles, although there is a growing tendency for carbines to be issued to front-line soldiers to offset the increasing weight of other issued equipment. An example of this is the U.S. Army's standard issue - the M4 carbine.
03 Dec

What is a BRDM-2 vehicle?

BRDM-2 name stands for a second version of Soviet armored reconnaissance patrol car. Serially produced from 1963 to 1989 by the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant. BRDM-2 does not have very powerful armor, but still you can be protected from any firearm that is weaker than ...
14 Nov

The story behind Mezhyhirya

Eight years ago, during one of the most important historical moments for our country, due to the critical situation, our former president, Victor Yanukovych deflected from Ukraine, leaving his tremendous mansion, built from the stolen money, abandoned and of course, opened for us to bring you there.
18 Oct

Чи безпечно відвідувати Чорнобиль?

Випуск міні-серіалу HBO "Чорнобиль" привернув величезну увагу до теми та зумовив збільшення чорнобильського туризму взагалі. Багато людей у всьому світі все ще цікавляться, чи безпечно відвідувати Чорнобиль? Adventure Tours in Ukraine підготували відповідь для тих, хто турбується про своє здоров'я, плануючи поїздку до Чорнобиля, або тих, хто все ще цікавиться.
30 Sep

Відпочинок в Карпатах

Карпатські гори України вважаються одними з найзеленіших та найчистіших середовищ по всій Європі. Компанія Adventure Tours in Ukraine запрошує вас поринути в мальовничу природу цього особливого регіону.
17 Sep

Pripyat tour. Visit Pripyat ghost town with Adventure Tours in Ukraine

On the 26th of April 1986, the horrible explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant left 30 km zone around the exploded reactor deserted. Pripyat town, located only 2 km from the plant, was evacuated and citizens left their entire lives behind. Adventure tours in Ukraine company invites you to discover the secrets of the ghost town and immerse your self in the story of this momentous event during the safe trip to Chernobyl exclusion zone.
29 Aug

Українська компанія Adventure tours in Ukraine у Forbes!

In winter 2019 we were visited by Breann Wilson - a one of a kind Adventurer from the USA, a Forbes contributing writer and a fantastic person all together. We organized two events for our guest and the feedback can be read in this article as well as on the Forbes website. Link to the original story is available at the bottom of the article.
30 Mar

Shooting Targets in Ukraine

There is a world of different variations of automatic rifles ever existed on our planet. For more than a century of evolution, numerous examples were produced and weapon standards have gone through a lot of changes and transformations. We are not going to rate and compare all the rifles of the world. Only those, that you can try out personally...