30 Sep

Holidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Our guests come to Ukraine from different parts of the world to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone, but most of them have never even heard that one of the most ecologically clean and beautiful regions of Europe is located here in Ukraine. And these are the Ukrainian Carpathians.

A trip to the mountains is an absolutely wonderful feeling. The forests on the slopes of the mountains breathe and talk to you. The sun warms and shines brighter than anywhere else. At night you can see the whole starry sky that you will never see in the city. And oxygenated air will provide you with energy and strength.

You can choose your route and have a great time in the Carpathians at any time of the year.

Summer Carpathians

Carpathian mountains, Ukraine

In summer you can and must conquer the peaks of the mountains! During the trip you will see how people in the mountains live and work today, just like our ancestors worked hundreds of years ago. They produce environmentally friendly dairy products, pick mushrooms and berries, and extract honey at an altitude of 1,500 meters directly under the clouds. Go on a hike on the Chernogorsk ridge, see the beauty of our country from 2,000 meters above sea level in the company of professional guides who will tell you about the traditions and culture of the local people. You can also see the nest of wild bees with your own eyes and taste the delicious nectar. The Carpathians are full of herbs that have been used by folk healers for centuries. You will have the opportunity to learn their secrets.

Carpathian autumn

In autumn, you can see the whole palette of bright colors of Carpathian forests, the mesmerizing beauty of rocky gorges, the incredible purity of waterfalls and rivers, which are abundant in this land. The wind in the mountains is not the same as in the city, so it's best to wear warm clothes. With the onset of cold weather, the mountains become empty and tourists prefer to spend their days in their warm, cozy apartments. At this time, tourists come to the mountains ready to take on the challenge of the harsh nature. The Carpathian region is famous for its authentic culture and a strong relationship with traditions. You can visit ethnographic museums and learn how people lived in antiquity.

Winter in the Carpathians...

Carpathian winter is a paradise for extreme sports lovers. One of the best winter resorts in Europe called Bukovel is located deep in wild forests. The resort has 62 slopes with 16 lifts of varying difficulty ... The total length of the slopes is 50 km. Bukovel should definitely be visited not only by snowboard and ski lovers, but also by professional athletes. Modern infrastructure with many luxurious restaurants, hotels, SPA, eco-baths at an affordable price. The Carpathians are also famous for celebrating the New Year, Christmas, Jordan and many other holidays.

Spring in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Spring is a special season in the mountains. The slopes of the mountains are bare and wild. However, you can already see how a new, young life is going on in this austere town. One of the largest rivers of the Eastern Carpathians - the Black Cheremosh turns into a seething, lush, unbreakable water element that attracts lovers of extreme and rafting from all over the world. You can feel all the power of nature here and find out if you are finally fed up with the spirit.

Journey to the Carpathians with Adventure Tours in Ukraine

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