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Take the unique chance to get the most extreme, pleasuring and adventurous experience. These are the emotions you will never forget.

Chernobyl and Pripyat tour

The famous Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Kiev Shooting range tour

Agh, that sweet gunpowder smell...

Museum of Strategic Missile Forces

Quite recent history, by the way ;)


The mansion and the Gardens


Fly with us!

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Tank Driving, Shooting
Tank Driving, Shooting, Chernobyl Tour
Drive a MT-LB APC

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Great time, Great host

I did the BTR driving and shooting combination this past month. Had a great time with Max, our driver and host, who picked me up at the front door of my Airbnb and drove us for the day.

Slater488 July 30, 2019

It was really awesome. it was one of the best days of my life. Adventure tours 5 stars. I felt like a boss

Andrew_Kalash July 24, 2019
Badass shooting

I booked a "badass" shooting tour. The staff was friendly and professional. Everything felt amazing. The guns are more than expected.

Mihai I July 14, 2019
Super nice shooting

Super expérience en compagnie de notre guide folie ! Le shooting vaut vraiment le détour et les armes sont impressionnantes ! Parfait pour notre evg

de la chapelle l July 09, 2019

Welcome word

Welcome to Adventure Tours in Ukraine, traveler!

We invite you on a memorable trip throughout geographically the biggest European country with multiple factually unique locations. We will take you to places that are one of a kind, with activities worth taking part in at least once in a lifetime.

Although everybody comes back for more ;)

We do literally everything you see on this website, so...*

Care for some real Soviet Tank driving experience? Need to practice shooting skills with different weapons, both Soviet and modern?

We can do both in one day on a Shooting Tour and a Tank Driving Tour.

Wish to visit the Chernobyl Exсlusion Zone? Well take you there for a tour even if its just tomorrow you have for it.

There’re all kinds of adventure tourism outdoor activities you can do with us,  and you are more than welcome to browse our website, as well as our YouTube channel, TripAdvisor and all other resources accessible in the top right corner of the page. 

If, however, you have something specific in mind and you didn’t find it anywhere on our resources - contact us right away and tell us what your wish is - well find a way to tickle your nerves. ;)

Adventure Tours TEAM

Adventure tours in Ukraine is a young team of professionals with a background in the tourism and service sectors. We are working to provide experiences in emerging niche fields of tourism in Ukraine such as military and extreme sports tourism. Our number one goal is to provide clients with rewarding experiences.

We would like to demonstrate how the might and genius of military hardware and technology can be harnessed to give visitors a fun and amazing time. We want to develop Ukraine"s potential as an attractive destination for tourists from all countries.

Ukraine’s economy is growing dynamically, and is riding a wave of ever closer integration with the European Union. Our dream is to participate in this exciting process as we develop tourism in Ukraine. Adventure tours in Ukraine has grown from modest beginnings in 2015 to became an important player in international tourism, with partners in Japan, China, the Middle East, the U.S., the U.K., Italy and Israel.

For 3 years we managed to visit such international exhibitions as New York Times Travel Show (New York, USA), ITB (Berlin, FRN), COTTM (Beijing, PRC), IFTM (Paris, France), WTM (London, United Kingdom).

Media outlets like BBC and CNN also use our services, and our company has also proven itself to be a reliable and efficient partner in the field of domestic tourism to Ukrainians.


*All activities include:

 - Guidance of professional instructors

 - English speaking guide always by your side

 - Return transfers to/from Tour location

 - Lunch and beverages / hot drinks. Well make sure you dont leave hungry.

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