27 Mar

Tank Driving experience in Kiev

Tank driving tour in Kiev

Tank Driving tour in Kiev with Adventure Tours in Ukraine - a truly awesome experience, definitely worth attending! If you are looking for thrilling experience, keen to know more about combat vehicles and military equipment, or never tried driving a real Soviet Tank – our Tank Driving Tour in Kiev is your buried gold!

- Tank drive. Photo by Adventure Tours in Ukraine

Tank driving experience

Very often we hear from our guests the words “How can I do this?”, “I will not succeed!”, “I am afraid!”, “I don`t know how!”. All these excuses disappear as soon as you get behind the wheel of a Tank! Indeed, the size of millitary tank can make a person doubt their ability to even sit themselves behind the wheel without any preparation, let alone start driving this Soviet Warhorse Tank. However that’s a misconception! Design and driving principles of the tank are as simple and ordinary as driving a regular car, but instead of a steering wheel there’re two control levers and a gearbox in front of the driver. Also, ‘same as in a car, this Tank has three pedals: clutch, brakes and acceleration. So, in order to start moving you need to be in first gear, smoothly release clutch and add acceleration. Holding the acceleration in fixed position, gently release the clutch to the end and... Voila - you are driving a T64 Tank in Kiev, Ukraine. Amazing, isn’t it? First 100 meters of Tank driving may seem difficult for you, but after a few minutes you will gain confidence, and your fears will turn into passion and desire to keep on driving!

- Tank driving in Kiev. Photo by Adventure Tours in Ukraine

Tank tour

While driving this real Soviet army tank, you will cut across ditches and ravines, learn to control a 40 ton beast and get unforgettable lifetime experience to share with friends and family! Tank Driving Tours in Ukraine are a truly exciting adventure, definitely worth diving into.

- Tank driving range. Photo by Adventure Tours in Ukraine