29 Aug

Adventure tours in Ukraine on Forbes

In winter 2019 we were visited by Breanna Wilson - one of a kind Adventurer from the USA, a Forbes contributing writer and a fantastic person all together.

Visiting Chernobyl with Breanna

First we organized Breanna's trip to the unique area of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the Ghost Town Pripyat that suffered consequences of a Nuclear Accident on the night from 25th to 26th of April 1986 and had been abandoned ever since. Over the years levels of radiation in the Zone decreased to levels considered safe for visitors, and currently this area is a massively growing Tourist Destination with thousands of people from all around the world planning their visits to witness the grim yet beautiful post-apocalypse of this once prospering land.

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- Breana's photo, Pripyat ghost town

Car crushing on a tank

And then on the next day after visitng Ceornobyl we organized an absolutely crazy event for Breanna - we took her for a drive a tank experience on an old Soviet Armored Personnel Carrier, and then we took an old Soviet Lada, and crushed the old Soviet Car with the Tank-like APC until the lil'ol Lada was literally even with the ground. Watch how we did it on our YouTube channel. The best part is that we'll happilly do it for you on request - just let us know the dates ;)

Tank driving experience, car crushing, tank crush car, military tour in Kiev

- Breana's photo, GT-MU Armored Personnel Carrier

Breana's reaction

Judging by Breanna's reaction she was, as well as us, fully engaged and genuinely satisfied. This is what she told Forbes about us and our activities:

„Judging by Breanna's reaction she was, as well as us, fully engaged and genuinely satisfied. This is what she told Forbes about us and our activities:

As time passes the history of Chernobyl becomes more and more forgotten (although, the upcoming HBO miniseries aptly named Chernobyl, coming out in May, is bound to help with that).

But, HBO drama or not, the truth remains – Chernobyl happened, and it’s affects are still being felt to this day. As the 33rd anniversary approaches this April 26, tours to the site, which require your passport, pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed toe shoes, are something that helps make this part of the country’s history tangible. You can’t help but be disturbed as you see the abandoned schools, apartment buildings left in disarray and as you take in the decaying effects of the nuclear reactor explosion.

And who doesn’t want to jump on the opportunity to drive a tank? The de-militarized MT-LB tank driving experience that Adventure Tours in Ukraine offers (they do a great Chernobyl tour too) puts you behind the wheel – or, better yet, I should say levers – of an amphibious, 240 horsepower, lightly armored tank.

And yes, the experience is every bit as adrenaline pumping as it sounds. And at only $259 for a one person, five-hour tour, why wouldn’t you jump on the chance to have this experience?”

As Adventure Tours in Ukraine we thank Breanna for her trust towards us as a company and especially for her interest in us as a country. Such genuine support and interest are highly appreciated. Breanna! We'll be more than happy to see you any time you wish to visit! :)

And for all the Adventurers out there - we're always ready to organize unforgettable, mindblowing and crazy adventures for you solo or with friends.

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