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نحن نعطي العواطف - وأنت تحصل على الخبرة

انتهز الفرصة الفريدة للحصول على تجربة أكثر تشوقا وإثارةً للمغامرة. هذه هي المشاعر التي لن تنساها أبدًا.

جولة تشيرنوبيل و بريبيات

منطقة إنفجار تشيرنوبيل الشهيرة

جولة إطلاق النار في كييف

أه من رائحة البارود الحلوة

تجربة قيادة دبابة

ركوب وقيادة

متحف قوات الصواريخ الاستراتيجية

تاريخ حديث جدا ، بالمناسبة ؛)

قصر المجيقوريا

القصر والحدائق


طير معنا!

الأكثر مبيعا

هذه هي الأكثر شعبية في الآونة الأخيرة
Tank Driving, Shooting
Tank Driving, Shooting, Chernobyl Tour
Drive a MT-LB APC


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Amazing Experience

If you're considering this or any other tour we couldn't recommend them enough based on our fantastically positive experience today. Our guide Nick was super friendly and informative throughout the whole day. The shooting range was huge and had a wide selection of guns for usage, with the option of additional guns/bullets for adding to the experience if desired (my friend made good use of this option, shooting an additional 3 guns as well as the 3 guns included in our purchased package) and the experience was throughly enjoyed by us both. Staff at the range were also incredibly friendly and helpful, as well as supportive for us being first time shooters (especially for me due to my small size, no match for an AK-47!!). The area was clean and had all the required facilities (i.e. bathroom, coffee machines etc.) so was ideal for the 2-3 hours spent there. Transport to and from our hotel was included and Nick was super knowledgeable about the areas and sights we passed to and from the range, which gives an additional edge of information when showing the photos to our family and friends back home. Thanks again to the whole team for a brilliant experience, definitely one to remember!! ☺️☺️

HRKateInPayroll Reviewed 5 days ago
Brilliant experience from start to finish

Brilliant experience from start to finish, we were greeted by our tour guide Sergy who picked us up from our hotel gave us a tutorial at the shooting range and because it was our first time in Kiev he gave us our own private tour of all the famous sites around the city. Very friendly professional service and we would highly recommend. Dan + Beth

Daniel Tempest Reviewed 1 week ago
Great Shooting Range. Top Service. Highly Recommend

We booked last minute. The trip included private transport to and from the range. The range itself is huge. They claim its the biggest range in Europe. The staff are very professional and on hand to advise and assist where required. Like in any good range safety was a high priority. They have a huge choice of firearms. For those who fancy their abilities at long range, they have ranges over 1000 meters in lengths. They had a APC on site. It was a real experience to drive it. . The Adventure tour company were pleasure to work with. They offer many different excursions and were happy to tweak and customise our trip to suit our needs. We will certainly be back. Thanks for a great day out.

Joseph Feldman Reviewed 1 week ago
Amazing afternoon!!!

This has to have been the best afternoon I’ve had out! Our guide Sergei was friendly, informative and above all to experience 3 different guns on the biggest gun range in Europe. Not only that but he recommended and booked 2 great meals out and took us on a sightseeing tour. Can’t recommend highly enough, book with these guys I promise you won’t regret it!

Clare P Reviewed 2 weeks ago


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